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Training Requirements

Training requirements for all Centerville Youth Lacrosse Club coaching staff

  1. US Lacrosse Coach Membership (effective through June 2020)
    All coaches must obtain a "coach" membership from US Lacrosse.  This membership provides liability insurance for the coach and the club during their coaching activities. Additionally, it provides access to the US Lacrosse coaching resource library.
    The cost of the USL membership must be paid by each coach but your child’s registration fees are discounted to cover the cost.  You will be directed to the US Lacrosse website for membership creation/renewal during our registration process if you do not have a membership current through June 2020.

  2. Complete SafeSport Training
    Due to Federal Requirements, all coach-members are required to complete this training within 10 days of joining as a coach-member. If training is not completed within 10 days, the coach membership will be converted to fan, and member will be ineligible to become a certified coach until this training is complete. Read more about SafeSport training HERE

  3. NCSI Background Check
    All coaches will be required to submit to and pass a background check prior to participating in any team activities. 
    The cost of the background check will be reimbursed by CVLAX upon successful completion your background check.  You will be directed to the NCSI website during our registration process.  If you have already completed a recent background check with NCSI as part of your US Lacrosse certification, you should not have to submit/pay for another one. 

  4. Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Online Course
    All coaches must complete the PCA online Double Goal course.  This course is a guide to help youth sports coaches create positive and effective team cultures. The cost of the PCA course is paid for by CVLAX.  You will receive information on how to take the course after background checks are complete.

  5. US Lacrosse Coaches Education Program Level 1 Online Course
    All coaches must complete the US Lacrosse CEP Level 1 online course.  This course will teach a basic understanding of the game of lacrosse, the fundamentals required to play lacrosse, and effective drills and techniques to teach lacrosse to youth players. The Level 1 and PCA courses are both components of US Lacrosse Level 1 Certification. We strongly urge our coaches to continue their US Lacrosse education and become certified Level 1 (or higher) coaches. The cost of the USL Level 1 Online course will be reimbursed by CVLAX upon successful completion.  You can begin this course at any time after you have obtained your US Lacrosse coach's membership.

  6. NFHS Online Concussion Awareness Training Course
    All coaches must complete the Concussion Awareness Training Course. This is a mandate directed by Ohio HB 143. Renew every three years. When your NFHS Online course is completed you will receive a course completion electronic document. If you need to verify your training dates, click HERE and enter your name.

  7. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness
    Each year, coaches must review the Ohio Department of Health's new VIDEO and related FACT SHEET. This is a mandate directed by Ohio HB 49.
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